Illness or Injury or Closure

Illahe Lodge is both my family’s fourth generation business and our home. Our guests aren’t just customers. They are friends.

Illness or Injury.

If you are ill or injured, please stay home and seek appropriate medical care. Let us know about the situation as soon as you are able to do so. We allow cancellations without penalty when they are due to illness or injury. Once you have recovered, we will be happy to reschedule your visit.

You may want to know what precautions we take to reduce the risks of guests becoming ill. In addition to allowing guests to cancel without penalty due to illness, we also:

  • Wash all bedding, towels, glasses, etc. in bedrooms between guests.
  • Have masks and hand sanitizer available for our guests’ use.
  • Provide lodging to a maximum of three groups per night.
  • Use ozone generators in bedrooms between groups.
  • Allow guests to dine outdoors, if desired.

Weather or Closure.

When the weather is not conducive to your planned activity, we allow you to cancel or reschedule. The same is true when a government entity orders a closure that would make it impossible for you to enjoy your planned itinerary. Please let us know when you make a reservation what your plans are so we can follow up with you if we learn of weather or closures that could impact your plans.

If you have any specific concerns beyond those that we have outlined, please let us know.