After hiking or running the Rogue River Trail, do you have sore muscles, need to get rid of poison oak, have a sunburn, have a blister, or need to wash and dry your clothing?

These are some of the issues that our guests have encountered and asked us about over the years and that we are able to help our guests with.

For 2022, we have added several more muscle rollers and lacrosse balls to help with sore muscles.

We have sample-sized tubs of Squirrel’s Nut Butter and Happie Toes for guests wishing to use and take these items with them to prevent or address blisters and chafing.

For poison oak, we have Tecnu, IvyX, and blue Dawn dish soap. The IvyX pre-contact solution is available in bottles that are used at Illahe Lodge and in packets that our guests may take with them.

For sunburns, we have bottles of aloe vera lotion for use at Illahe Lodge and packets of burn ointment that guests may take with them.

After hiking for a few days or running the Rogue River Trail, many guests would like to wash the clothing they will wear the next day. We are on public electricity and are able to let our guests use our washers and dryers. Guests are welcome to use our laundry soap or bring their own. We even have clean sweatshirts and sweatpants or shorts that guests can use while doing their laundry.

Have you forgotten a toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, shampoo, or insect repellent? Not to worry. We have extras for just such emergencies.

These are included in the $180 per person per night that our guests pay.

We may be able to provide some of these items to individuals who aren’t staying with us at Illahe Lodge for a fee.