We are busy planning upgrades to Illahe Lodge for the 2020 season. The upgrades will include replacing the swamp cooler on the main lodge and the stairway at the front of the Annex.

Some have asked about the house on the hill which I purchased this summer and have expressed a hope that I will rent part of it out when the painting is done. In the fall, I need to be at the lodge so I’m not able to enjoy the house on the hill. As a result, I am considering renting it out part of the fall as an experiment. I am still working through the logistics and what the rental terms may be. (My initial thought is that it will only be rented to people who have stayed at Illahe Lodge previously and there will be a three day minimum stay requirement.) We are also still in the process of painting the house, replacing some of the appliances, etc. More details on the plans for the house on the hill will be shared if and as this idea moves forward.

View from the front porch of the house on the hill looking up river
The house on the hill is getting a bit of a facelift with new paint, several new appliances, new curtains, etc.